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FAQ - Sellers

I. What does it mean to sell on us? is the local digital marketplace, created to serve and support businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Sellers with businesses of any size are                        welcome to  use Mall71 as their digital platform to expand their business online.

II. What I can sell on Mall71 App?

We have many categories of businesses on Mall71, offering customers a wide range of products and you can find our product                                             categories here -----> Click the link here.

III. How do I open a seller account with Mall71?

It is easy! First you must have a valid trade license and a Mall71 account. Then you will need to create a seller store and upload the requested                                 documents. Sign up to create a Mall71 seller store here (need to add link here redirect the seller registration portal). Find out more about                                         documents you need to create a seller store here. Once you have submitted all of the required documents and received approval, your store will be                           live within days.

IV. I’m registered as Mall71 Seller – What’s the next steps/procedure?

Contact Seller Support to book a training session to guide you through the selling process and master the use of Mall71 Vendor App.


You will also need to add your warehouse location to your store and start listing products. Find out how to list your products here.

V. How much does it cost sell my products on Mall71?

The breakdown of fees and commissions applies per item, and the rates differ according to the categories. You can see here the categories and                       commission fees (link need to be add here)

VI. How do I get paid?

Once you start selling on Mall71, we will automatically transfer your sales to your bank account after 15 days from the fulfilment of order basis. You will          receive a payments statement for each transaction which you can find in your seller account.

You should receive payment in your bank account within 1-2 business days after initiating the transfer and also you will also receive a bank transaction             ID  and a detailed statement with each payment.

Learn more about setting up your payments here (Need to add link here)

Once you start making sales on Mall71, we will process your payment in two ways depending on the value of your weekly statement:

1. If the value of your weekly statement is greater than or equal to AED 1000: your payment will be transferred to your bank account on a weekly basis.

2. If the value of your weekly statement is less than AED 1000:  your payment will be processed if the value of your next weekly statements, or the sum of your following weekly statements amount to AED 1000. Otherwise, we’ll process your payment once a month, regardless of its value, even if it’s below AED 1000.

VII. When will I start getting charged the monthly seller commission fees?

As soon as you make your first sale and you will get the Tax Invoice for the charges in the beginning of the next month (Within 5th of each month), it            will be shared with your registered email with Mall71.

VIII. How do I manage my Mall71 Seller account?

As a registered and verified Mall71 seller, you will have access to our in-house interface called Mall71 Vendor which helps you sell your products and              manage your store on Mall71 with supervision of Mall71 team. Click on the following link to access your Seller panel:

IX. What about product returns and cancellations?

Sometimes customers decide they no longer need or want the item they have purchased. We have clear guidelines in place to protect both our                      customers  and sellers’ rights.

Cancellations, Returns and Seller Protection Policy at Mall71

At Mall71, customers are provided with an option to return items purchased on the platform. Any order that is eligible for a return, and where the return        request does not exceed fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery, shall be covered under this policy.

X. Will I be compensated if the customer has replaced the original item with a different item?

In cases when the contents of the returned shipment are missing, or when the returned items received by the seller are not the same items that were            shipped by the seller, the seller can raise a claim for it.

If the seller suspects that the buyer is taking unfair advantage of the return policy, then the seller can intimate Mall71 on this issue so they can review            buyer’s claim and take necessary actions.

Upon pursuing the incident, Mall71, at its sole discretion, shall compensate the seller based on the parameters set thereunder, including but not limited           to, category of goods, QC status at the time of shipping and receiving the item back at the warehouse (with evidence of such receipt).

XI. VAT Frequently asked questions

· Can I sell at Mall71 if I'm not VAT-registered due to an annual turnover lower than the threshold?

Yes, of course. Mall71 aims to support all local businesses with a valid trade license including those that haven't accumulated the annual                   turnover required to register for VAT in your country.

You'll just have to submit a non-VAT declaration form upon registering to sell at Mall71. Once your annual turnover reaches the required                     threshold, you'll have to register for VAT and submit your VAT certificate to Mall71 at

· Should my prices be inclusive of VAT?

Yes, your prices should always be inclusive of VAT if you are VAT registered seller. For non-VAT registered sellers, they have the freedom to               adjust their pricing without adding the VAT.

1. VAT registered sellers directly pay the VAT amounts to the government themselves.

2. As for non- VAT-registered sellers, they just need to share the declaration form.

· Am I liable to pay the VAT to the government if I'm not VAT-registered?

No, if you are non-VAT seller so you will not be liable to pay the VAT to the government

· Am I liable to pay VAT to the government as a VAT-registered seller?

All Vat registered sellers are liable to pay the VAT to the government.

· Will the VAT apply on the Mall71 fees and commissions?

Yes, the VAT value relevant to your country will apply on the Mall71 fees and commissions as they represent the charge of the service that                 Mall71 sells to you. This will be applicable for VAT and non-VAT sellers.

· Will I be provided an invoice of the fees & commissions that I will be charged?

Yes, you’ll be provided a “Marketplace commission fee” Tax Invoice for all fees & commissions that get deducted from you. And we will send you         current month Tax Invoice by beginning of next month, also you can claim this Input VAT from FTA.

· Are Mall71 fees and commissions inclusive of VAT?

No, Mall71 fees are exclusive of VAT, so you must calculate the VAT value of the fees and commissions and add it to your price.

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