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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

1. What is is a leading online retailer of products that inform, educate, and inspire. Because we exist "virtually" on the web, we have unlimited shelf space and can offer thousands of products. Including, electronics, medical devices, pharmacy, home appliances, grocery, accessories, cosmetics and much more.

2. Where is Mall71?

Mall71 is a UAE based company, our HQ is in Abu Dhabi, we offer our services to all areas in UAE.

3. How can I contact you?

You can contact our Customer Care & Happiness Center via WhatsApp, phone or e-mail:

+971 02 444 1307 (Call us) (E-mail us)

WhatsApp Us:

+971504082071 (English)

+971503082071 (عربي)

4. Do you deliver outside the UAE?

We currently don’t deliver outside UAE. However for certain items, a delivery to outside UAE is possible with an extra shipping fee. For more information, contact Customer Care & Happiness Center via WhatsApp, phone or e-mail.

5. How long does it take to deliver my order?

We deliver most products to your doorstep in about 2 to 4 working days all over the UAE. Our teams are working hard to ensure availability of products, and continue to bring on additional capacity to deliver customer orders. However, if your order consists mostly grocery items, the order shall be delivered around 24 - 48 hours during working days.

6. What is the status of my order and delivery?

Once you order from our website/application, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your order information, soon one of our employees will call you to inform when your delivery will arrive. If you did not receive a confirmation email, perhaps you mistyped your email. Don't worry, you can edit your email if that's the case! As for the order you placed, as long as you land on a page that provides you with your order number ORDER#, your order has been set in the system and will be processed. For further assistance, contact Customer Care & Happiness Center via WhatsApp, phone or e-mail.

7. Can I change the address on my order?

Yes you can! If you didn't place an order yet, just go to your account profile, you can add address or edit saved address. If you already place your order then you can change the address by contacting our Customer Care and request to change your address information, the sooner you call us the quicker we can process and complete your order.

8. How can I make returns?

You can make returns depending on the items. We do not accept returns of used/open items, if you received a defected item, please contact us immediately after you receiving your item. Our team will inspect the goods, once the issue of the product is confirmed we will make decision to proceed with your returns. For further information about returns, please visit our return policy page in our website, or contact our Customer Care & Happiness Center.

9. Is it safe to receive orders?

Yes, We Are Safeguarding Our Fulfillment & Delivery Teams through many steps:

1- We are continuing to raise awareness and educate our associates to adhere to preventive hygiene practices.

2- Our vehicles and warehouses are also following very rigorous hygienic standards.

3- Before reaching customers, employees sanitize their hands to protect themselves and also assure customers that shipments are safe and clean.

4- For contactless deliveries, use an electronic payment method such as a credit card or debit card.

10. Is it possible to reduce contact with drivers when they deliver my orders?

Yes. Mall71 delivery team have been advised to reduce contact with customers by placing packages at the customer's doorstep and stepping back. We also encourage our customers to pay by card (prepaid) to avoid contact for payment.

You can also choose a safe location where the driver can leave your package if you are not able to answer the call.

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